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MUV (Malta Further and Higher Education Authority - MFHEA Licence No. 2020-006) is an accredited Higher Education Institution, licensed to provide tertiary level programmes in Malta. It was set up to offer quality education and training opportunities to satisfy the emerging demand in a number of fields.

To address such needs, the college draws on the combined strength of its network of associates to develop new study programmes with leading industrial partners. It offers a range of courses in different disciplines, mainly encompassed under the broad definition of the arts and the environment. The College also aims to promote the application of digital and innovative technologies to traditional sectors like hospitality and business studies.

Educational Philosophy

MUV’s educational philosophy may be summed up through the following ten principles:

1. The student at the centre of the learning experience;

2. Programmes of study based on a practice-based approach;

3. A teaching methodology cultivating innovation;

4. Well-equipped facilities boosted by digital technologies and resources;

5. A vibrant campus fostering creativity and cultural development;

6. A heightened awareness to sustainability and environmental issues;

7. An accessibility policy favouring diversity, equal opportunities and lifelong learning;

8. An ongoing commitment to the local community and social responsibility;

9. Leveraging the heritage of a city of culture rooted in the cradle of civilisation;

10. A pledge to promote mobility and international networking.

Training internships play a fundamental role in MUV’s programmes, combining theoretical and technical knowledge with practical and operational skills. This allows students to apply what they learn throughout the course in a practical way, transferring their knowledge to an actual industrial setting.


The courses will therefore equip students with the relevant skillset and professional background to accompany the critical thinking abilities needed to succeed in the industry.

About: Headliner

MUV is committed to promoting good practice, and to assuring the quality of the learning opportunities it offers to all students wherever they are located. The College undertakes to uphold at all times the standards of its programmes and to match and exceed the requirements of all relevant legislation and standards.

MUV achieves its quality objectives by ensuring that quality-related components are integrated within all of its major planning and review procedures, with a reflection on performance through the use of student feedback, appropriate key indicators, and benchmarking.

As part of its on-going commitment to quality, the College actively reviews and promulgates its quality management system to ensure that it remains current, is readily understood, and accessible. It has established procedures for identifying the competencies needed, and provides appropriate training and professional development for staff members to meet those needs.

MUV Quality Policy Statement

MUV Quality Manual


About: Quality Assurance

English is the language of tuition at MUV.


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